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What is Beaver Scouting

​In October 1982, The Scout Association introduced "Beavers" for 6 to 8 year olds in response to a growing demand within the movement for such an optional activity to be available at the discretion of individual Groups.

This age range had in fact existed for some years in a number of other countries. Beavers in Northern Ireland started some 15 years earlier. Some informal projects had also developed in areas of Scotland and England. Initially Beavers were not full Members of the Movement, that did not come about until 1986. Then beavers became recognised as a full training section and took the title of "Beaver Scouts".

In 1991 girls were admitted to Beaver Scouts for the first time. The Beaver Scout Programme was extensively overhauled in 1995.

In the UK, Beaver Scouts currently wear grey sweatshirt, a Turquoise or Group scarf with a maroon plastic woggle to hold it in place.
Their Promise is " I promise to do my best and be kind and helpful and to love God".
Beaver Scouts meet in "Colonies", usually once a week. Beaver Scouts have the opportunity to work in a variety of groupings, normally called Lodges.
The Beaver Motto plays a very important part in the ethos of the section, it is " Fun and Friends"

The Beaver Scout programme and activities are bases on three Activity areas, these are:

  • Beaver Scouts Learn about themselves - exploring their feelings and developing good habits of health and personal safety.

  • Beaver Scouts explore - discovering the exciting world of science, nature & technology. Exploring the natural and man - made world.

  • Beaver Scouts care - growing in their love of god and responding to the needs of others, the local community and wider world.

The elements of all Beaver activities do indeed aim towards having FUN and making FRIENDS and there is an exciting mix of adventure and achievement. A project & team approach is often used but with every encouragement for the individual to make their own personal contribution.

Beaver Scout Leaders are appointed under the Policy, Organisation and Rules of the Scout association and are adults aged between 20 and 65 years old. Assistant Leaders may be appointed from the age of 18. Parents and Helpers are a valuable asset to the running of a successful Beaver Scout Colony.
In 1997 there were 133,245 Beaver scouts in the United Kingdom, a figure which continues to grow.

Greenham Beaver colony has been operating in Newbury since 2013 and is the youngest section currently in place in the Scout Group

What do we do?

What do Beaver Scouts really do?
Beaver Scouts will enjoy a great deal of FUN and ADVENTURE whilst in the colony. They will have opportunities to gain awards and badges. These awards are given in recognition of the effort made by each youngster at their own level of development and understanding.

The Beaver Scout Programme includes such activities as:-

  • Sleep Overs

  • Caring for the environment

  • Model Making / Craft

  • Cooking

  • First Aid

  • Exploring

  • Helping Others

  • Games

Beaver Scout Training Programme

​A number of badges are available for the Beaver Scouts to recognise their progress through the colony. These are as follows:-

The Beaver Scout Membership Badge

to be awarded at a Promise ceremony after four to six weeks in the colony.

The Beaver Scout Badges

There are 2 Beaver Scout Badges issued by the Beaver Leader after consecutive periods of 6 to 8 months of taking part in an active and balanced colony programme.

The Beaver Scout Challenge

This is an optional award for the individual Beaver. If attempted, the challenge should be completed during the last few months in the colony. It is based on 4 Activity Areas.

The Cub Scout Membership Award

Beavers should begin working for the Cub Scout Membership Award between 4 and 6 weeks before transferring into the Cub Scout Pack.

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